Transparent touch-screen arm bag for men and women sports outdoor arm bag

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Impact resistance
  • Drop shock
  • waterproof
  • convenient
  • corrosion resistance

Product Details

Running mobile phone arm bag exercise arm band arm bag Women's outdoor men's arm cover fitness equipment wrist bag arm bag arm band

This arm belt is made of high-grade light diving material (high air permeability neoprene and reflective material), which is soft and elastic, shockproof and wear-resistant, waterproof and anti-slip, anti-collision, strong air permeability, washable, comfortable to wear and does not hurt the body. 

Great for jogging, walking and outdoor activities like biking.

There is a transparent membrane baffle on the front of the arm band, and the opening is about 80%, so the phone will never fall off. You can rest assured of that! The headphone jack is reserved above and below, it is completely convenient to listen to music! The design is perfect!

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