Switch Puls protection Bag NS Portable Case Bonkdream EVA hard shell storage bag

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EVA hard shell storage package / Puls protection package / Eva zipper bag

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • shockproof
  • dustproof
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Light fastness
  • Appropriate toughness

Product Details

Product parameters:

Name: Switch Sprite theme organizer

Material: EVA + PU

Style: red and white double color storage bag

Size: 27 * 5.3 * 13.5 CM

From the design, material, technology are tailor-made for the spirit ball, enough to have a high degree of practicality and convenience, and the appearance of the atmosphere also increase your momentum

The nap is full, the texture is exquisite, the feeling is soft, beautiful and generous, has the elasticity, does not drop the wool, the water absorption performance is goodMore accessories can be installed to prevent internal installation sliding along the damaged machine, safe and secure

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